Current Class Schedule

You can download a printable PDF of our current brochure and class schedule here.


all classes are Saturday and Sunday,
11:00 am to 6:00 pm
Dec 8 and 9 Metals B:
stack ring, mirror image
February 9 and 10 Metals C:
cab bezel ring, pendant
TBA Metals A:
piercing, sweat soldering
TBA Metals D:
chain, charms, clasp

Precision Wax Models

all classes are Saturday and Sunday,
11:00 am to 6:00 pm
January 12 and 13 Wax B:
pendant and mirror image
March 9 and 10 Wax C:
D-blank for ring designs
TBA Wax A:
stack rings, freeform carving

Sunday Soft Wax Sculpting

all classes are one Sunday,
11:00 am to 6:00 pm
January 27 Soft Wax A:
pendant, bezel faceted ring
February 24 Soft Wax B:
pendant, bezel cab ring
March 24 Soft Wax C:
stone cap, wire ring

Stone Setting

all classes are one Thursday evening,
6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
TBA Prong Setting
TBA Bezel Setting
Feb 21 Bead Setting
March 14 Flush Setting
Feb 7 Wax Prong Head
March 28 Pre-made Bezels

Special Offerings

all classes are one Thursday evening,
6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Torch Enamel
Adding colorful glass enamel to your designs can be beautiful, but tedious. Peter’s solution? Hit it with a torch and see what happens. Fast and fun!

Jan 10
This evening workshop uses soft wax techniques to create a variety of small charms, perfect for a bracelet. Choose 2 of your designs to cast in sterling.

Cuffs and
The basic cuff bracelet is great a starting point for unlimited creative possibilities. Learn basic forming and a variety of metal texturing techniques.

Creative Wire
Jan 17
This workshop offers fast, simple steps to professional wire wrapping, earring designs, and making your own earwires.

Intro to Engraving
Jan 24
Learn the basics of controlling different style gravers to cut lines, letters, and textures into flat metal.

Quick Design

Get your ideas down on paper with these quick sketching techniques for illustrating stones and metal.

Join guest instructor Petra Blum as she walks you through the basic factors that determine not only the value of gemstones but their suitability for your designs.

Casting Gemstones
in Place
Nov 29
Casting in place allows you to set certain gemstones into your wax model BEFORE casting into metal, adding brilliance and color to your designs with relative ease.

Torch Firing PMC
Dec 13
PMC is a magical compound of organic binders infused with particles of pure silver, that fuses into solid metal when torch fired. Great way to make your own holiday gifts!